Anubhaava envisages action for a society that ensures equal rights and opportunities for all, contributing to a healthy and self-dignified living.


1) To identify and provide need based intervention- educational, social, economical, emotional, physical, mental and vocational – to the not so advantaged, vulnerable, and differently-abled, with a special focus on children.

2) Sensitize our fellow beings to take action, individually and collectively, enabling the needy to realize their potential.

3) Create awareness and promote action for harmonious living with nature which in turn facilitates healthy living.

4) Work collaboratively with other organizations- government and non-government to meet the objectives.


Virtual friends on social network communities – Orkut and Facebook ,who engaged in fun, games and discussions on issues pertaining to society, development, life, etc decided to take diversion from mere discussion to action. Youngsters from diversified fields, students to professionals, located at different places in India and abroad held a common goal of delivering their social responsibility.

The group made its first social initiative in Kanchugal village in 2010 with Bande mutt project. With sustained interest, incessant ardor for service and new friends joining –on and offline, the group stands as Anubhaava charitable Trust from 2012.

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