Education should be an enabler.It should trigger the thought, build positve feel and instill values and skills in the learners to understand self, others and the world. It is a medium to empower students to face life’s challenges at the personal, social and professional spheres.


Despite of many efforts being made by our education system to improve the quality through interactive pedagogy and value oriented the gap still exists. It is far more in majority of institutions catering to less advantaged.

1.Quality of education: Classrooms are still largely teacher-driven following the lecture and deductive method keeping the children less absorbed and passive.This conventional method is less effective on student’s understanding of the concepts, interest in learning , academic performance, sustenance in the school and their journey to higher grades.

2. Academic oriented : Education for students appears to hold less relevance while dealing with various conflicts confronted at different stages of life.

3. Accessibility and guidance: Children and youth from the less privileged background often drop out from school and college, deprived of obtaining vocational skills required to meet current job market due to factors like lack of resources,access and support.


Active learning where classrooms are student driven and experiential to cater to different style of learners.

Provide opportunities for holistic development to foster right abilities – cognitive ( knowing, understanding, thinking, reasoning, problem solving and decision making), personal ( self-awareness, feelings mangement, will , love , self-worth, adaptability ) and social ( positive communication, cooperation, teamwork, fairness, conflict management)

counselling for Educational and career guidance and equip skills to join the mainstream .

Our Initiatives / programs

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” ? Robert Frost

Train the trainers – workshops, trainings and provision of resource materials for teachers to make classrooms interactive , fun filled and values integrated.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ? Saint Augustine of Hippo

Outdoor learning – Organising educational visits to facilitate experiential learning.

Fun with learning – team activities, Sports and games, competitions for cooperative , situational and problem based learning with the peer group.

Learners club – programs to foster everyday English and Computer literacy in children and youth. Launch World Bank (library) to widen knowledge of young children and youths.

Guidance and support – Note book distribution, program for 10th standard students to orient about educational options and career path and information on the available scholarships.

“Enrolment at the secondary level is still very low with large number of drop-outs at each level. While this can be attributed to a variety of factors, the quality of education delivery—as is the case at the primary level—remains one of the key contributing factors” – Rakesh Bharti Mittal : Mon Jun 25 2012, as told to The Indian Express



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