Happy Reading

Many children from underprivileged backgrounds acquire reading skills. They are unable to sustain the habit because absence of scafolding and the prohibitive cost of gripping age appropriate books. Realizing the enormity of the challenges, Anubhaava in its first initiation has set up a mini library at Bande mutt, Kanchugal village

Want to Help?

Sharing books with others is a way of passing on knowledge to the younger generation. By donating books we are indirectly contributing to a healthy environment by reducing the garbage.So if you really love your books, and don’t want them to just become clutter, then get them organized and pass them on to a place where they will be loved and be useful once again!
When donating books we need to make sure they are books which children can read. A book can be a wonderful distraction for a child in distress and get a smile on their face.

You can help in two ways:

1) By volunteering and collecting books from your friends / relatives
2) If you have old books in good condition, please feel free to contact us.

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